The Yin Yang Club is bringing balance to the Metaverse, by supporting, curating and sharing in 3 main areas:

  • Support independent creators transition their works into a Web3 space including art, music and literary projects. The support ranges from critical music club discussions, Twitter space AMA’s and multi-verse launch events.
  • Curate unique and engaging Phygital (Physical & Digital) merchandise with our added platform to promote, distribute and sell non-mass produced works of art.
  • Sharing elements of Chinese philosophy, spirituality and balance in the context of metaverse citizens and alongside knowledge bases for Web3 advancements.

The Yin Yang Club launched its first NFT collection by artist Kenzy Chew Feb 2. 2022 at 22:22pm, in partnership with VanDigital. This collection “Tiger Elements“, visually inaugurates the debut of The Yin Yang Club in the year of the Water Tiger.

Just as the Chinese Animal Zodiac is based on a system of Wu Xing or Five Elements.   It is said that people born under the same year and element share personality traits. These elements are: Metal, Water, Wood, Fire and Earth.  This system describes the relationship and interdependence between all things, always seeking to find a balance. We use these principles to view the progress of art & technology through decentralized technologies, by applying a sense of humanity and spiritual connection even in the most digital of spaces. We aspire to tell the artist’s story, share best practices outside of textbook guides and launch networking opportunities for creatives and tech entrepreneurs to come together to pave healthier industries. This is the way of the DAO.