How to Select Your Tiger Totem

Read over the descriptions of each of the elements below to discover the properties that each image holds. Choose the totem that balances your character or enhances an area of life you have been hoping to improve.

Water Tiger (水; shuǐ)

Artist Statement: This image depicts the water tiger based on Feng Shui principles of water symbolizing prosperity and abundance. The tiger waits patiently amongst lotus in a pond for the right time to seize the moment.  The animation highlights the peaceful flow of water as fishes dance and lanterns glow, attracting money and abundance to its owner.

Medicinal properties: The water element is associated with the Kidney and its partner organ, Urinary Bladder that affect the bones, joints and marrow. When it is unbalanced, you may experience symptoms such as: Isolation, absentmindedness, detachment, or fear.

Artist Statement: The Earth Tiger is situated in the middle of hands reaching upward from the ground and downward from heaven. Green tones associated with this element evoke nourishment of the spirit, while roots from plants ground into the soil, patiently and constantly seeking foundation. Gold talons float overhead to suggest that this stability evokes wealth. All details of the image draw toward the centre image of the tiger, reminding us that the earth element pulls all things together to bring harmony.

Medicinal properties: The Earth element is associated with Spleen and its partner organ the Stomach.  Digestive issues such as bloating, constipation, diarrhea, IBS are all related to the Earth element due to ‘dampness’, when the transportation and transformation of body fluids are blocked resulting in the accumulation of excess moisture.

Artist Statement: The metal tiger is drawn with a more austere outlook, exuding a personality that is meticulous, responsible and honest. A stoic metal structure sits in the back while metallic objects like piercing jewelry and pipes surround the celestial beast. Symbols of good luck such as pineapples and 8’s adorn the iron scaffolding as chain links break under the tiger to symbolize the power of yin to break chains of mental slavery. 

Medicinal properties: The metal element is associated with lung and its partner organ, the Large Intestine.  You may experience respiratory problems such as shortness of breath, cough, or sore throat if metal is lacking.  We can therefore exercise structure and routine, balancing metal and thereby allowing ourselves to be supported.

Artist Statement: The Wood Tiger has a soft glow in the eyes to show a kinder beast representing the wood element. Wood demonstrates flexibility and a sense of humanity. Bamboo shoots grow upward depicting vitality and ever reaching growth.  An azure hued Spring time temple awaits in the background, welcoming visitors to re-energize their strength with a lucky triplet of 8’s to beckon good fortune.

Medicinal properties: The Wood element represents the liver and the gallbladder. The work of the liver governs the inner legs, groin, diaphragm, eyes, eyebrows and lashes, ring finger, tendons, ligaments, sinews, connective tissue, nails, small muscles that move joints, peripheral nerves, vagina and labia, penis and scrotum. Therefore the liver is considered to be the grand architect of our body and home to the soul.

Artist Statement: The Fire Tiger shows fire inspired symbols around the Lunar New Year celebration, from flame lit lanterns to fire crackers used to scare away negative energy. The animation showcases fire’s upward movement that is dynamic, energetic and passionate. The colour scheme uses reds and oranges, to illuminate your collections with intensity and light. 

Medicinal properties: The fire element is associated with the Heart and its partner organ Small Intestine. When unbalanced, you may experience symptoms such as anxiety, agitation and insomnia because access heat in the heart will affect the mind.